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Uncover the Roots of Your Worry

Last time you determined your level of worry. In today’s post, you’ll find 4 ways to separate your worry from who you are as a person. Why Analyze Your Worry? Analysis is simply digging in and looking for the who, what, when, where, how and why. If you’re reading this, you’ve tried to get rid… Continue Reading

What Exactly Is Worry?

A general definition of worry is to dwell on uncertainty, difficulty or problems and potential problems. In simple terms, when you worry you’re misusing your imagination. When you’re uncertain or facing difficult situations or events, you use your imagination to “see into the future”. You may not even realize that’s what you’re doing. When you’re… Continue Reading

Live More, Worry Less: Introduction

Introduction Brrrring, brrrring, brrrring, brrrrrring. I ran to the phone just as the digital answering service clicked on. The caller didn’t say anything. The caller ID read GA Tow Services. I dialed the number back and didn’t get an answer. I was concerned but went to bed anyway. I tossed and turned for more than… Continue Reading

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