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Getting Relief From Your Relationship With Fear

Getting Relief From Your Relationship With Fear

Sometimes it’s so easy to stay stuck and believe that what is, is always going to be, because change can be hard. Change brings fear and fear, as nature intended it to do helps keep us safe by creating fight, flight or freeze responses. While you don’t want your fear to go away completely, staying… Continue Reading

Depression Tells You Lies

Depression Tells You Lies

Depression is a liar. If you suffer from depression, you already know this. You forget it often enough, though, and have to be reminded. When I forget, I somehow always find my way to see The Bloggess. This category of posts actually, aptly called depression lies. There is always something new or old and seen… Continue Reading

Pokémon GO, an Augmented Reality Game, Helps Real Issues

Self-care activities like socializing with others, spending time outside, and exercising have long been know to help those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Yet when you suffer from those or other mental health issues, thinking about, much less doing exactly those kinds of self-care activities can be down right difficult… Continue Reading

Is Talking About Money Still Taboo?

When it comes to money memories from my childhood, I remember hearing the grown-ups wonder how so-and-so could afford such-and-such and how having said such-and-such was a reckless waste of money. Yet one of my godmothers bought me what my mother terms “too expensive” clothing for a growing child. I remember being told to save… Continue Reading

Discover How You’re OK, Even When You’re Not Okay

Discover How You’re OK, Even When You’re Not Okay

Would you ever willingly experience those undesirable emotions, like anger, sadness, frustration, or shame, simply because they were what you were feeling at that exact moment? What about the desirable ones like delight, joy, contentment, or hopefulness? With any emotion, whether you’ve labeled it good/bad, desirable/undesirable, easy/hard, or something else, the body experiences the chemical… Continue Reading

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