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A Loving Little Reminder to YOU!

A Loving Little Reminder to YOU!

Hello Dearest You,

I hope this letter finds you well, happy, going after your dreams and loving being exactly YOU.

If none or only one or two of those things apply, this, just heard from Barbara Sher may help.

That whole worthiness thing has just got to be forgotten. Are youworthy? Who cares, that’s got nothing to do with anything. You know you can do everything you have to do no matter how you feel about yourself.

The best thing you can probably do is roll your sleeves up and start doing something that makes you feel solid and forget about yourself. Let yourself dry out a little bit.

You spend too much time thinking about how you feel about yourself, you get all damp and you need some sunshine. And you can get strong that way. Stronger and stronger. You really can.

from Barbara Sher Level 1 Resistance Workshop
(Not currently available for purchase.)

Which gets me thinking dear one, I wonder if you realize how much you based your being, which by the way is non-negotiable, on becoming something outside or other than yourself.

You know like becoming worthy, wealthy, healthy, skinny, fat, accepted, being in love, being in a relationship, being a people pleaser, nice, good, depressed, liked, alone, giving, happy, sad, a bitch, shy, weird, loud, or really anything else you think you have to become because that will make you good enough to be YOU … 

I just wonder if you can accept that You. Have. Everything. You. Need. To be YOU. Right here. Right now.

I challenge you to be here with yourself now. Get some sunshine and warm up to your own compassion, your own power, your own strength, your own love.

Know that you are loved, even if you don’t feel it all the time. It is always there, waiting, wanting for you and available to you. Always.

Kindest regards,

Your loving alter ego who realizes you need a little reminder of this from time to time.

Listen to and trust this part of yourself.

The original version of this article was published on Theory & Profit used and edited with permission to fit this space.



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