“You’re not here to make a living.
You’re here in order to enable the world to live more amply,
with greater vision, with finer spirit of hope and achievement.
You’re here to enrich the world
and you impoverish yourself if you forget that errand.”
Woodrow Wilson 28th President of the USA


Livescription, at its core, is about the need to live in life’s magic (it’s not always easy), live life in our power (it won’t always be appreciated) and have our dreams coming true daily (we won’t always be accepted) having expressed as much potential as possible.

It’s for you if you want to live more fully, more healthfully, more zen-fueled, more fun-filled and more financially fulfilled.

It’s about having and being in the company of people who are LIVING with joy, deeply and fully on this imperfect journey no matter what milestones you reached.

It’s about abandoning the whims, the slings and the arrows of the critics, the nayseyers and the ne’er doers, which sometimes means changing your self-belief.

You WANT and CHOOSE to do the kind of living that makes your life so much greener directly under and around you, instead of having to wish you were over there.

Here’s the first part of the not-so-secret way to making the grass greener right where you stand.

Stop searching outside of yourself.

It needs saying again.

Stop searching outside of yourself.


The answers are inside of you.

Livescription.com is where I show you the practices I’m, well practicing to hear my helpful inner guide to living my best life and what it looks like to begin incorporating that wisdom and knowing into my world in ways that actually work.

My intention is to help you trust that your own helpful inner guide is waiting for you to hear her guidance so you can step fully into your best life and into your wisdom.

You’ll find inspiration, thoughts to ponder, actions to practice through articles, interviews, comments, and stories. Ohhhh, the stories we tell ourselves.

You’ll also find Livescription.com to be a safe, non-judgmental space in which to share, practice, laugh, cry, rage, change and ultimately take back your days.

So… Who Am I?

Minna2016Oh man, those three words are like a double-edged sword.

I’m LaShae, an adventurer who’s been afraid to go forth, to live life using the days given to me by a power far greater than I can imagine.

I am a mistake maker, who finally understands that perfection actually means to finish doing.

Perfect doesn’t actually mean to finish doing with no mistakes or no errors.

It just means to finish doing. Which is to say, I can stop worrying about being a perfectionist when I’m doing and declare my doing to done and therefore perfect. I like that sentence (Grin).

I can be a perfectionist (a person who finishes) – even if the world thinks it means finishing something without errors or mistakes.

Yep. Mm-hmm, I’m happy being and becoming an even bigger perfectionist (a person who finishes) – even as 99.95% of the world thinks that’s weird.

There is only one aspect where I don’t ever long to be a perfectionist again. I WANT and CHOOSE to do the kind of living that shows me just how green the grass is directly under my feet and around me. I WANT and CHOOSE to be alive in this physical form – breathing, loving, seeing, feeling, experiencing and co-architecting this beautiful life.

I say that with sincerity because 3 times I’ve found myself stepping over the edge, choosing to be finished with life – simply because I didn’t know how to manage breathing, loving, seeing, feeling, experiencing, and co-architecting this beautiful life, yet clearly I wasn’t finished being with me.

I am as unique as you are. I have the power if I choose to own and use it, and I do so choose. I am redefining, rediscovering and revealing my self-love, my self-trust, and my self-compassion. I am doing new practices to hear and heed my highest self and choose my best life. I am rearranging and declaring my ideas of success and meeting my own uniquity.

Gosh, all that sounds so dreamy, woo-woo and poetic doesn’t it?

Yet, the truth is this – it’s all about figuring it out as I go — changing, rising, flowing and ebbing and accepting the life that comes my way, just like you.

Neither of us needs to go it alone. It’d be great to connect with you through the comments or on your favorite social site.

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