Maiden Money Monday 

Maiden Money Monday

Maiden (adj.) – first of it’s kind, as in a maiden journey.

Money (noun) – a legal tender, used as an exchange for and determination of the value of goods and services.

Monday (noun) – Second day of the week, after Sunday and before Tuesday.

It’s the Maiden Monday in the Month of January, which also means it’s a brand new year for a majority of the world.

It’s a perfect time to talk about money. Actually, it’s always a great time to talk about money but I like the alliteration of Maiden Money Monday. Honestly, I’m probably trying to be too clever in a ruse to AVOID talking about money, so let’s just get on with it.

I have two regular thoughts about the subject of money.

Oughhh, Did I include that number in my weekly to pay list? Which creates these moments of worry, fret and distraction.


Oooooh, I want to buy that, do I have enough for it? Which creates these moments of hope for instant gratification and excitement via wanting.

Maybe I’m alone with both those thoughts, yet somehow I doubt it.

It’s an odd place to be, simply because what I want always generally surpasses what I can spend in that moment. Yet what I need is there and available to me. Need might seem subjective, yet isn’t when need is defined as healthy well-being which includes shelter, safety, food, clothing and the necessary personal amount of social interaction.

Having more money or more credit isn’t usually THE answer we believe it to be.

I could learn to want less and find other ways to create excitement and feed my desire for instant gratification. I could learn to create extended gratification.

I could get more credit. I could get a better paying job. I could marry a rich man. I could work harder and longer.

Those are all things I could do again because they are things I have done, except the marry a rich man one. Yet none of them actually address my deep down relationship with money. They are however great ways to increase the money I have access to.

Yet building a better relationship with money changes our perception of money, which improves our thoughts about money, which in turn increases the flow of money into and through our lives.

What does my current relationship with money look like? It’s hot and cold. I worry at not having enough and feel excitement when I have a little extra. Having a little extra so infrequently has created a habit of spending for instant gratification. I use money for the things I appreciate like – food, lights, water, a vehicle, training, artsy supplies, did I mention food?

Yet because my relationship with money consists of worry, fret, excitement and use, the flow of it in my life feels tepid with low pressure. There, but noticeably diminished.

If money was water in your life, how it would flow? What would it feel like running between your fingers?

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful that money flows through my life. What I’m not fond of is the rate of flow and the temperature at which it flows.

The One-Sided Relationship We Have with Money

Money doesn’t really care to whom or how it flows. Yet it does need a vessel capable of receiving it. This is definitely a one-sided relationship. Therefore, if I’m going to reach a good temperature and flow for me, I have to do the internal and external work on our relationship.

I’m a lapsed miser/skinflint and now a recovering spendthrift. I have debts I want to address and current responsibilities I want to maintain. Still those are the concrete things about money that budgets, spending plans, debt reduction, savings and increasing ones income can address.

Yet none of those are the full answer I need.

I’m realizing that something inside is jamming up the waterwheel even when I increase my income. It’s the soft, mushy, hidden stuff that gets me every time I start to adhere to a budget or spending plan.

It’s time to deep dive into the murky money well and dredge the spring or stream. I’m getting help with this from Mark Silver and his Heart of Money Transformational Journey. We start January 18, 2016.

The intention of the course is to cultivate a healthy, Divinely-inspired relationship with our finances so we’re living abundantly and free of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical traps we’re experiencing around money.

Mark Silver has a Master of Divinity, is a Master Teacher in his Sufi lineage and is currently offering his transformational course at Pay From the Heart pricing. Basically, that means you pay what you feel called to pay.

Changing your relationship with money is up to you and no one else. Yet you don’t have to go through those changes in isolation.

Until next time,




Live. Love. Explore.

P.S. If you’re dissatisfied with feeling the tepid, drip, drip dripping of your money through your fingers, maybe it’s time you did a little deep diving of your own and join me on the transformational journey that Heart of Money promises to become.

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