I had 3 errands to run and an appointment I needed to keep. I was content. The day was already going nicely and I didn’t foresee any bumps in the road or nails for that matter.

As I pulled into the parking space intent on my first errand, I  heard a quiet voice say “tires”.

Huh? I quickly re-focused on completing errands and getting home in time for that appointment – a phone call, I didn’t want to miss. I set the brake, slid the gear shift into first, and cut the engine.

I grabbed my list and reached to open the door.

The voice said “tires” again, just a little louder.

Okay fine I thought – ‘tires’. My internal dialogue prompted a mental note to make a written note later that said “compare tire costs and buy tires before winter” and then I dismissed the voice a third time.

I opened the door of the truck and climbed out.

As I passed the tail gate of the truck, it moved, ever so slightly, and again the voice, this time insistent and warning said “TIRES”. I got a slight chill and yet again dismissed it.

About 10 steps away from my truck, I heard a a soft sssssssss noise behind me and turned by head towards the noise.

Tires Don’t Glint

What’s that glinting? Uhmm, tires don’t glint. What IS that? Is it gravel stuck in the tread? “Be gravel. Be gravel. Be gravel,” I chanted as I walked back toward my truck. “Just be some shiny piece of paper, something sparkly I picked up while driving”, I’m thinking, all the while knowing deep in my gut that it’s not.

I stared down at the passenger side rear tire and I’m not comprehending what I’m seeing. My tire is very slack and there is a sparkling triangle of 3 nails.

If my intuition hadn’t badgered me, if I hadn’t noticed the truck bed shift slightly unusually to my eye as I walked by, if the noise hadn’t caught my attention …

I was in this same location the day before, trying to complete these same three errands to no avail. My debit card kept getting denied. I didn’t have enough cash to make the necessary purchases.  I didn’t have enough juice on my cell phone to determine the issue, much less clear it up.

If I’d completed these errands on the day I originally set out to do them, where would I have been driving today? I might have been on the expressway doing 65 or  70 MPH when the tire blew.

I might have been too busy, to engrossed in doing something else to even pay attention to the quiet, then warning voice, until it was too late.

Lots of things might have happened, only they didn’t because I finally listened to the quiet voice and paid attention to all the nudges. I’m thankful and quite grateful nothing bad or irreversible happened.

Certainly, I wouldn’t have been one stoplight and less than two football fields away from a Discount Tire. I definitely wouldn’t have had the funds to purchase two new tires.

What Else Has Intuition Been Telling Me?

Then it also occurred to me … what else has this quiet voice been telling me about that I haven’t been listening to? Do I generally always wait until it begins screaming at me to listen? Does it scream often?

Once those questions occurred to me, I’d begin asking WHY didn’t I choose to listen to my own quiet, fully connected and fully aware voice until it screamed at me? That form of asking questions feels accusatory and leaves too much room for excuse making, rationalization, making up stories and shame – none of which moves anything forward.

Therefore, I’m not asking WHY. I’m asking WHAT, HOW, and WHEN.

WHAT happens when I learn to hear and heed this quiet voice before it begins screaming at me? HOW does it sound?

HOW does my body feel just before or just after the quiet voice has spoken? WHAT do I notice? WHAT is needed in my daily life so I want and choose to listen?

HOW do I trust what I’m hearing and WHAT does this quiet voice want me to do with what I hear?

I’m still gathering answers.

Thus far everything I’m reading about intuition, the still quiet voice of our higher self, is anecdotal in nature. I’m sure there is empirical evidence somewhere to support hearing your higher self. Honestly though, I’m not sure of anything except there is a quiet voice and I can choose to hear it.

WHAT happens when we do our best to listen to the quiet inner voice and use its light?

LaShae Dorsey