Self-care activities like socializing with others, spending time outside, and exercising have long been know to help those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Yet when you suffer from those or other mental health issues, thinking about, much less doing exactly those kinds of self-care activities can be down right difficult to nigh on impossible, without strong motivation.

PokemonGOHow an Augmented Reality Game Is Aiding Better Mental Health

Welcome to Pokémon GO, which is helping players who suffer from these conditions see “changes and improvements in their mental health states”.

It’s also no surprise that Easter Seals Occupational therapists in Oklahoma are finding that, “hunting and catching Pokemon helps patients with hand-eye coordination, … spatial awareness, fine motor skills, impulse control and social skills,” among it’s patients with disabilities and special needs.

Of course the game is so new that there are not yet any scientific studies of people who play. Yet the anecdotal evidence abounds.

Pokemon Go is an aid for people suffering mental health issues and disabilities.

Student nurse, Hazel Nash, sums it up nicely. She says,

“Pokémon GO helps me to appreciate the importance of taking small steps to improve your wellbeing, and offers me inspiration for the use of technology to improve the lives of the people in our care.

Rather than a miracle cure-all, it’s better to consider Pokémon GO as an introduction to self-care for people with and without mental health diagnoses; a stepping stone towards happier, healthier habits.”

Anyone who suffers from mental health issues, and even those who don’t, can always use stepping stones to better and healthier habits.

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