Live BoostIn spite of the perks of being a nice person, some of the ‘nice girl’ socialization – be agreeable, even if you don’t agree, be contented, even when you’re discontented, be quite and meek, even though you feel the need to speak out, keeps you from your power and your desires as an adult.

Nice girls are trained to not to make waves, be loud and attention grabbing or being moody because you’re not smiling and cheerful every waking moment of every day.

The nice girl idea of being contented had Denise Duffield-Thomas almost compromise on her dream house in her dream neighborhood.

It’s certainly cost me opportunities in love, work, business and parking spaces.

Are areas of your life suffering because of ‘nice girl syndrome’?

  • Do you feel you have to be a certain way to be loved and lovable?
  • Do you have difficulty saying no or feel guilty when you have to say no?
  • Do you take criticism as a personal affront to who you are as a person?

These and the other symptoms of ‘nice girl syndrome’ can be overcome.

Read on to see all 7 of the Ways Nice Girls Suffer and What You Can Do About Them.