Live BoostWould you ever willingly experience those undesirable emotions, like anger, sadness, frustration, or shame, simply because they were what you were feeling at that exact moment? What about the desirable ones like delight, joy, contentment, or hopefulness?

With any emotion, whether you’ve labeled it good/bad, desirable/undesirable, easy/hard, or something else, the body experiences the chemical rush of that emotion within 90 seconds

Physically and chemically your body can release an emotion in about 90 seconds, as long as you don’t loop into that emotion and continue to trigger it with a story or narrative about it.

Even suspecting that this might be true, why would you avoid ANY emotion?

Akilah S. Richards has the same idea. She says,

“Sometimes we need to operate inside our emotions instead of trying to avoid them. In doing so, we avoid the toxicity of suppressed emotions and unmanaged hurt. 

The old idiom is true: Hurt people hurt people – and so we can protect ourselves from becoming toxic, uncompassionate people when we start with ourselves and offer honest assessment of our own feelings.”

Read on to learn the 4 ways to manage the feelings and 3 reasons you just might want to experience them.