DefineSuccessDefining your success by YOUR standards and not those which society, i.e. parents, friends, environment, or current circumstances decide are right or best for you can be difficult because of our beliefs and our need for acceptance. This aspect of success gets talked about infrequently.

You have to think for yourself, know yourself and own your actions, especially when they go against the grain of the people around you.

Write down what you want, why you want it and the motivations driving you to achieve it. Also, write down what your life looks like with this success in it. Review it frequently and update your definition when necessary. Have you done that exercise before or recently?

While I was listening to the Tell Me Thursday Podcast with ‘chele and her sons Levi and Tristen about this very subject, the podcasters said,

“Write down your current situation and how that makes you feel. Although that is how you may feel right now, try writing it in the past tense. This will change the way you think about your situation, so you can move towards creating the success you want. Your mind will begin to distance itself from your current situation and begin to believe that you are moving towards your goal.”

Words have power and our mind listens carefully to what we say and how we say it. Is is possible that writing down your current circumstance in the past tense actually flips a switch in your mind toward something better?

Listen to the full 13 minutes on Defining Success For Yourself.