Why Would You Talk to Your Emotions?

Have you ever talked to your self-doubt, your resistance, your anger, your overwhelm, beyond telling it to shove off? ConversationsWith

What about a conversation with your abundance, your joy, your self-worth? I mean a real conversation.

Sometimes it helps to put the emotion outside yourself.

It’s all about perspective. Emotions, including the desirable ones, can skew your perspective and you don’t even realize it.

Andrea Schroeder, a mentor for creative people with big (and little dreams) shares many of her conversations on her blog in a series she calls Tiny Fairy Tales.

In a conversation with her self-doubt, doubt showed up as a “goblin with a big, weird tail”.

Read some of the many conversations she’s had – and find out what happened with her tail swishing doubt goblin.

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2 Responses to Why Would You Talk to Your Emotions?

    • Maribeth,

      I’m a big believer that everything has information for us – when we take the time and/or learn how to spot it.

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