Did storytime enthrall you as a child? How about now as an adult? Did you realize you constantly use the power of story to either discourage or motivate yourself every day?

StoriesWhen the story or narrative you’re telling yourself stops your forward momentum, it’s time to rewrite the story.

This is more important than you realize when it comes to building new habits, learning new skills, stretching out of your comfort zone and living life fully.

On the Zen Habits blog, Leo Babauta shares examples of positive and negative stories around creating a new habit. He also offers 16 thoughts to ponder that help you create more positively balanced stories. He goes on to share that,

“This is not to say that you should only think positive thoughts, or that you should ignore the negative. But if your story is on the balance more positive than negative, you’ll be more resilient. You’ll be able to handle the negative stuff with grace, because you have a positive feeling about the habit.

If you resent doing the habit, or see it as a sacrifice, you’re more likely to blow the negative aspects up when they happen. But people with a strongly positive story will be likely to weather the storm of negative aspects of the habit.”

I say, use everything you can to help you build new habits and grow into who you are. Click over and find out the 16 thoughts that can make the stories you tell yourself more positive.