What Can You Do With 60 Seconds?

60secondexperimentAccording to Jenna Kelland of SparkWellness.ca,  you can integrate quick and easy self-care strategies into your busy life, sixty seconds at a time.

I’m a big believer just as she is, that:

” … small change can spark incredible transformations. If a women can spend 60 seconds at a time looking after herself in different ways, it can gradually shift her attitude and behaviours so she can meet her wellness goals.”

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2 Responses to What Can You Do With 60 Seconds?

  1. I learned about something called the “68 second rule” about ten years ago. It’s where you focus your thoughts on a specific issue for seventeen seconds at first, and then double it to 34 seconds, and finally to 68 seconds. When you are able to master this you can achieve great strides in your life and business.

    Connie Ragen Green

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