I’ve always been an avid reader, generally of fiction. However, in the last few years, I’ve found myself purchasing equal amounts of non-fiction and then not reading it.

In an effort to use what I purchase, I’m sharing regular Book Insights with you. Depending on how the book grabs me, you may also see what I call my Through and Through Review (TaTR) – which literally goes Chapter by Chapter because each one is so meaty. A TaTR could be considered a CliffsNotes® summary.

I expect Book Insights to usually be 500 or fewer words, following this outline:

  • Book Image, Title with an Amazon Affiliate Link, and Author
  • A 3 to 5 sentence summary of the book.
  • Up to 10 points of interest in the book, including quotes.
  • Suggested book(s) to read next.
  • Action(s) I’ll take based on the book.

Shall we dive into our first Book Insights?

WhenMisfits_BookWhen Misfits Become Kings, Unlock Your Future Through Intimacy with God, by Mark Casto.

When you feel like a square peg, being banged into a round hole, you are out of your relationship with God.

He wants an intimate relationship with you. An intimate relationship with God grows when you commit to it in private through consistent prayer, fasting, listening and action.

When you align yourself with the purpose for which you were specifically created by Him, you become immersed in His blessing, mercy, grace, and favor.When you choose to be chosen, you won’t feel like a misfit any longer, because nothing fits like the crown made for you.

When you choose to be chosen, you won’t feel like a misfit any longer, because nothing fits like the crown made for you.

  1. You use the gifts and talents God gave you to be a servant to and for God.
  2. “God wants lovers, not mere laborers. Lovers will always outwork laborers. A laborer works for a paycheck. A lover is motivated by the relationship.” pg 45
  3. Shutting the door and staying in the secret place is a ‘take your shoes off and stay a while’ type of practice. “Prayer is not monologue, but dialogue; God’s voice in response to [yours] is its’ most essential part.” pg 61
  4. Finding private intimacy with God first, and then remaining in that intimate relationship when opportunities, opinions, and doubt want us to compromise is hard. Yet, we don’t prove anything through compromise.
  5. Playing the part gets you nowhere. Dedicate yourself to the love and work of God and find success in all things meant for you.
  6. You choose to be chosen. You were created specifically with your unique gifts for a reason. The intimate relationship with God reveals that reason in time, through conversation, and puts provides exactly what you need in your life to hone and use those gifts.

I don’t know what to suggest for reading next because this is the first book of this type I’ve read. Here are Amazons’ recommendations based on this title.

Is this type of book something you normally read? What would you recommend reading next?

It’s time to create space for more than my existing few moments of appreciation and gratitude and delve into this idea of intimacy with God.