When we ask a question like – “Am I Enough?”, we’re guaranteed an answer, that’s just the way our minds work. Yet, if your self-esteem has taken a beating recently or you’re in a fragile state of newly built self-esteem, the doubt triggers a no answer which is an untruth.

That no doesn’t change the fact that you don’t have to be, do, have or say anything in order to be enough. You just are. You are born enough. You are enough exactly as you are, no matter how you are feeling, what you’ve been told or what you believe. You’ll die enough.

Yet each time you think a no answer to the question of whether you’re enough, you wound yourself emotionally and wound your self-esteem and concept of self.

What Can You Do To Say What’s True?

The best action to take is to practice reminding yourself that you are enough. I personally use an ‘even-though’ statement. Even though _____________ I am still enough. (The blank is any situation or person pressing your recording of “not enough”.)

The best time to practice is when everything is feeling good and your confidence is high.  The next best time to practice is when things are just the opposite.

You’ll find middle-ground. Maybe slowly at first.

You actually won’t want to believe you and you don’t have to. You just keep practicing and reminding yourself that You Are Enough. Soon you’ll be jammin’ to the true, new and better song, instead of getting stuck in the scratch on your LP.

You’re worth it and you’re worthy because you’re already enough. Give your mind time to remember the true answer.


I’m curious about what you’ve used or are using to erase the recording of “not enough” from your mind. Share in the comments.

Resources Mentioned

I’ve mentioned the Courageous Cue Cards from Crys Wood before. The more I use them, the more conscious I become to how I use words on myself and the level of compassion they do and don’t embody. I suggest getting your own deck. They’re well worth it.




Live. Love. Explore.

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Either way, a Shining Sexy Happy Zen Life is possible and feasible because You Are Enough.