What does your practice of making money look like?

Are you making enough to sustain you or barely making it from one paycheck to the next? What are the things you say about money in your everyday conversations? What about in your private thoughts?

What emotional response do you have surrounding your dealings with money?

This podcast episode doesn’t offer answers to those questions, it simply asks you to look more deeply at your money practices and notice what might need attention.

Track what you say about money for the next 24 or 48 hours. Track the thoughts you don’t share with anyone else.

Recognize and appreciate what IS working for you, whether that’s actions, thoughts or perceptions. This opens you up to see what isn’t working for you and the actions you’re taking that are working against you.

Resources Mentioned:

Courageous Cue Cards from Paper Crane Publishing & Crys Wood

Mark Silver’s Heart of Money Transformational Journey – with pay from the Heart pricing.*

If you’d like to change your practice of making money from struggle and frustration, what can you explore doing? If you changed your practice of making money to ease and peace, what did you do?

Share in the comments.





P.S. Mark Silver has a Master of Divinity, is a Master Teacher in his Sufi lineage and I’ll start his Heart of Money Transformational Journey come mid-January.

The intention of the course is to cultivate a healthy, Divinely-inspired relationship with our finances so we’re living abundantly and free of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical traps we’re experiencing around money.

It’s the first time he’s taught the course in almost 3 years, and he’s offering it at Pay From the Heart pricing, so you set the price! Start by checking this out, and if you’re drawn, jump in!

Will we meet on the Heart of Money Transformational Journey?


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